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    Start saving $$$ on your power bill... It's time to go solar.

    Solar Sonic Solutions can get your solar system up and running and start saving on your ever growing power bills.

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    No better time to get solar

    With generous government rebates and rising electricity costs; now is the perfect time to invest in solar and start saving!

Go green with Solar Sonic Solutions...


At Solar Sonic Solutions, we can handle every aspect of your transition to solar energy. Supply, installation and servicing, Solar Sonic Solutions will ensure you get the right solution at the right price.

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Sungrow 5KW and 270W Risen Panels

The Sungrow 5KW and 270W Risen Panels package is the perfect entry level setup for households with low power usage. This package will allow your household to start making a difference to rising power bills by harnessing power from the sun.

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Fronius 8.2KW and 270W Risen Panels

The Fronius 8.2KW and 270W Risen Panels package is the package for households with moderate power usage levels. This package will allow you to start seeing large savings on your power bill. Perfect for households running mulitple tv's.

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Fronius 10KW and 270W Risen Panels

The Fronius 10KW and 270W Risen Panels package is the perfect package for households with high power usage levels. This package will allow you to start seeing large savings on your power bill. Perfect for households running mulitple tv's, spas and small workshops.

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Fronius 15KW and 270W Risen Panels

Thw Fronius 15KW and 270W Risen Panels is the package for commercial facilities to start offsetting growing power bills. Keep your business running on the power from the sun. This package is perfect for buildings operating a large number of powered items at the same time.

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Panel cleaning services

Maximise your investment by ensuring your panels are kept clean of scaling, moss build up, tree debris, pollution etc. Dirty panels can lose up to 30% of power generation capacity, simply undoing the benefits you are supposed to get from solar power.

Are you ready to select your solar system?

At Solar Sonic Solutions, we like to make things easy so we've put together a handy solar power panel sector. Ready to take the next step?

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What our customers say

Had our solar installed today and we are so happy!! We had been thinking about having Solar installed for so long and we definitely made the right decision going with Kelly and the crew. Service was really great all the way through, great advice and service right from the beginning and really quick installation (thanks Eugene and crew).

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Kerrian Sawyer

Toowoomba, QLD

So happy with our new solar. Everything from the consultation, install and follow up was amazing. We are over joyed with our decision to go with Kelly and Sonic Solar Solutions. Can not recommend highly enough.

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Ashley Stewart

Brisbane, QLD

I would highly recommend Kelly & her crew at Solar Sonic Solutions they were fantastic with quality products & affordable prices. From the initial enquiry to installation it was a quick and easy process. Kelly is full of knowledge, insightful & answered all our questions (big & small) & her installation crew were polite, respectful & mindful of our property, family & neighbours.

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Erin Gardner

Brisbane, QLD

If you need/want solar, don’t look past Kelly and Solar Sonic Solutions! These beauties were installed today by a bunch of professional blokes who smashed out the work, no dramas. Great work guys, and thanks so much Kelly. No worries at all, easy from start to finish. We were a bit skeptical about solar but one meeting with Solar Sonic Solutions changed us!

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Jay Shorey

Brisbane, QLD

Kelly is super helpful, super nice and incredibly knowledgeable. We took quite a while to get back to her re her quote, she kept checking in to make sure all our questions were answered and made us feel very comfortable with the whole process. She is very patient and not at all pushy (not like the other solar people we talked to, who just wanted to make a quick sale). Installation was great, and she also reviewed our electricity bill after installation to make sure we were using the system to its best potential. After the review, she did some calculations and suggested a different provider. So happy we took her advice, we just got our first bill with the new provider, in $230 credit after a month! The solar is not only paying for itself now, but some. Cannot recommend Solar Sonic Solutions enough, great, genuine service.

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Anna Holly

Brisbane, QLD

Why select Solar Sonic Solutions

With the cost of living (particularly electricity) increasing; now is the perfect time to start saving on your essential living costs. Installing the correct solar system to your home can significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill by drawing less energy from the grid.

No, solar panels and inverters come in a wide range of sizes and quality. Solar Sonic Solutions only use the best quality products that meet Australian standards.

There are varying factors to consider when looking at what size system you need. Depending on what your energy usage is; Solar Sonic Solutions can design a tailored package to meet your needs and educate you about getting the best results from your system. For a better idea of what you would be looking at; try our solar panel selector!

Yes, we want to work with you to save you and your family money. We have a range of payment options to suit your financial situation.

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